Hazelnut industry snapshot

Australian hazelnut production

In 2020, Australia produced about 350 tonnes of in-shell hazelnuts, valued at $3.7 million (farm gate value).

These figures are growing: as young orchards come into commercial bearing the industry estimates hazelnut production by 2021 will be 5,500 tonnes in-shell with a value of $40 million.

Where are hazelnuts grown in Australia?

Hazelnuts are grown in the temperate areas of south-eastern Australia, particularly the Central Tablelands of New South Wales around Orange, Narrandera, and northeast Victoria around  Myrtleford. They are also grown in central and eastern Victoria and increasingly in northern Tasmania, with a small levels of production in South Australia and Western Australia.

New areas of hazelnut plantings have extended into southern New South Wales, eastern Victoria and throughout wider regions of Tasmania.

Approximately 2,500 hectares are planted to hazelnuts across Australia, consisting of around 1.2 million trees.

What kinds of farms and businesses grow hazelnuts?

Many hazelnut operations are small – up to 6,000 trees – but newer orchards are more often larger, so the average size is increasing. Most orchards are family operated enterprises.

Australia has recently seen a major on-farm investment in hazelnuts by Ferrero, one of the world’s largest confectionery manufacturers. Its wholly-owned subsidiary, Agri Australis, has
planted 1 million trees across 1,900 hectares near Narrandera, NSW.

Find some of our growers in our business directory.

Where are Australian hazelnuts sold?

Australian hazelnuts are sold in-shell or as kernel (without the shell) online, at farmers’ markets, fruit shops, health food shops and co-operatives. Some producers value-add to their kernels by making confectionery and health food products, hazelnut oil, flour and meal. You can buy hazelnuts directly from growers or processors listed in our business directory.

Locally-grown kernel is sought-after by restaurants, confectioners and patisseries because
of the fresh taste of the local product compared to imported kernel.

Domestic consumption of in-shell hazelnuts is about 300 tonnes a year, and hazelnut kernel around 2,000 tonnes (equivalent to 4,500 tonnes in-shell). Australia imports 2,500-3,000 tonnes of hazelnut product annually, mainly as kernel, and primarily from Turkey.

How are Australian hazelnuts grown?

Because Australia is free from serious pests and diseases, hazelnuts are produced with little use of herbicides and pesticides, with some Australian growers producing organically certified hazelnuts.

Australian hazelnut production is well supported by research, leading to improved, more efficient and sustainable production systems.

Hazelnuts generally take seven to 10 years to come into commercial production.

Agrifutures and Plant Health Australia also provide useful online resources about the hazelnut industry and growing hazelnuts.

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