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A healthy and sustainable Australian hazelnut industry.

  • HGA represents the interests of Australian hazelnut growers and associated industry participants. Representations are made by direct submission and through HGA‘s membership of Australia’s peak tree nut industry body, the Australian Nut Industry Council (ANIC).
  • HGA regularly makes submissions and/or requests for information. We communicate with government, legislators, expert scientists and researchers, advisory and consumer bodies and media as necessary. Matters have ranged from obtaining ATO tax rulings, gaining funding for important research projects, assessing regulations for product pack labelling and permissible health benefit claims associated with hazelnut nutritional content.
  • We apply on behalf of our industry to the Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) for minor use permits for farm chemicals – herbicides and pesticides. With Australia’s other tree nut industries we have formulated plans for dealing with biosecurity threats and response strategies in the event of an exotic disease incursion.
    • HGA Annual Conference brings leading national and/or international experts together with growers. Topics range from world or national hazelnut consumption trends, to tree planting densities; mechanised harvesting solutions to small scale rack drying, grading and sorting. Separate sessions are conducted for established and new growers. The conference rotates between the current major growing states – New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania .
    • HGA Farm Walks, Field Days, Seminars – are held at least annually in each state on a regional basis, usually in members’ groves. These events feature expert speakers, and opportunities to share practical information and experience on a regional basis. Annual Conference and Farm Walks are open to members and non members. Member input into annual conference and farm walk program development and organisation is always welcomed.
    • Hazelnut Growers Handbook 2010 The HGA maintains a Hazelnut Growers Handbook with invaluable advice on growing, storing and processing hazelnuts. The latest updated handbook was written by Lester Snare, NSW DII. A USB containing the handbook is provided to all members and also contains the final report of Hazelnut Variety Evaluation for South-Eastern Australia, by Basil Baldwin; Identifying Clonal Material – Basil Baldwin, and Pest and Disease Analysis for Hazelnuts – Lester Snare.
  • Small Orchard of Hazelnut Trees Approx 3 Years old
  • Robyn and Jean Baldwin next to one year old trees
  • Robyn mulching young trees
  • Row 1 Dam Rd Corner looking along dam rd
  • Rows ripped and lime applied
  • Rolling cleaner removes dust and mud
  • Small operation sorting nuts servicing 20 growers
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