A group of people standing in an orchard listening to someone speak

February: Hazelnut Symposium (farm walk and seminar) – Victoria

HGA Feb 2021 Symposium (farm walk and seminar) – Victoria

Date: Friday 12 and Saturday 13 February 2021
Location: Myrtleford and surrounds, north-east Victoria
Venue: Club Savoy and several nearby orchards


  • Farm walk on Friday morning
  • Co-op presentation Friday afternoon:
    Part 1: Co-ops 101 – Lets nut it out
    Part 2: Next Steps: Identifying opportunities for co-operation
  • Dinner Friday night
  • Saturday morning property visit and soils workshop.

Download the HGA Feb 2021 Symposium full program and registration form

Open to members and non-members. This event is also relevant to chestnut and walnut growers.

A graphic comparing different foods and how much protein they contain per 100g: Pumpkins seeds 30g, almonds 20g, pistachios 20g, cashews 17g, soybeans 17g, walnuts 14g, brazil nuts 14g, hazelnuts 14g, kidney beans 14g, pine nuts 13g, wholemeal bread 12g, tofu 12g, pecans 10g, macadamias 9g, chickpeas 6g, potato 3g.

Plant and nut protein and health