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Hazelnuts are referred to in a manuscript found in dating from 2838 BC. At that time, the hazelnut took its place among the five sacred nourishments God bestowed on humans. Maybe no longer sacred, but certainly very worthy. Hazelnuts contain significant amounts of B group vitamins including folate and Vitamin B6. Plus, they are the highest in fibre of all the nuts. An average handful contains 20 hazelnuts.

Australian grown hazelnuts are fresh and of excellent quality, free from chemical residues and microbial contamination. Other commercial hazelnuts are largely imported from Turkey, US and Spain and have undergone variable lengths of storage and transport reducing their freshness, quality and taste. Australian hazelnuts have a great crunchy taste when raw or roasted and a bonus they are so healthy for you.

Nuts for Life is a great resource for nut lovers and the health conscious.

The Nut Report: Big Fat Myth
Download The-Nut-Report-Big-Fat-Myth-Oct-2012
Nuts and The Big Fat Myth considers evidence spanning the last 20 years on nuts and their impact on weight – including weight management in diets designed to achieve other outcomes, such as lowering cholesterol or stabilising blood glucose.

Predimed Study
Download the Nuts-PREDIMED-brochure-FINAL-2012-09-14
A long term study undertaken by 16 research groups in seven communities in Spain over 2003-2011 to study the effects of the Mediterranean diet on the primary prevention of
cardiovascular disease (CVD) in subjects at high risk of CVD.

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