Supply Nuts to further Nutrition Research

LaTrobe is conducting 2 separate research projects using the Mediterranean diet supplemented with nuts in the treatment of two common chronic health conditions, the projects are;
− Project 1. Evaluating whether consumption of a Mediterranean style diet after suffering an initial heart attack
can reduce the risk of suffering a second heart attack and;
− Project 2. Investigating whether the Mediterranean style diet can reverse fatty liver and the metabolic syndrome (a cluster of high risk symptoms) in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.
LaTrobe is seeking assistance to support the research by funding the supply of a variety of nuts (almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts – same combination as the PREDIMED study) for study participants. In order to conduct high quality research using sound methods and to enhance adherence to this diet, participants in the intervention arm will be provided with mixed nuts (part of a Mediterranean diet). This method has proven to be beneficial in similar studies conducted overseas.

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